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Hey Darren Here....
Does it seem to you that everyone else on the Internet is busy stuffing their Bank Accounts with massive amounts of commissions.... while you're struggling, pouring money and effort into failure after failure ?
Well, it may surprise you - BUT You're not alone.
And if you're anything like I was, every time you head back in to your Email Inbox, it seems to be flooded with emails raving about the "Next Best Widgety Thingy" - or they are trying to entice you with some "Super Secret Underground" way of making money.
Well let me tell you a secret... all of these "Top Secret Methods" that the"Gurus Didn't Want Me To Know About".... seemed to work great for everyone else... BUT
None of them seemed to work for Me...
and I guess the're still NOT working for You either !
I bet you were even told that this "Laptop Lifestyle" was so easy... weren't you ?
You've probably tried a bit of everything in the hope of securing that elusive -and easy - 2nd Income... haven't you ?
Let me guess, to see if like me, you've also tried (and failed) at some of these;
SEO, CPA, Ebay, Amazon, Youtube, Mobile Sites, Offline Consultancy, Mini Sniper Sites, FB Ads, Google AdWords, Bing, RevShare, MLM, PLR, Blogging.....
.... and I could go on and on, And what have You got to show for it ?
You feel so far behind that you almost don't want to try anymore, and then on top of that you hear all of the "guru's" saying to you....
"The Money Is In The List" - but you don't have a list
"You Need Free Traffic" - but SEO and Google keep changing the rules
"You Need To Charge Higher Prices" - but you've yet to sell anything
"Become An Affiliate" - but you've got a list of Freebie Seekers
Yep... It's safe to say that the future is not looking too rosie for the vast majority of Internet Marketers....
The Good News Is - All That Changes From TODAY !!Introducing the...
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Finally "Push Button Software" That Delivers Results
I can say that with 100% confidence, because  alongside my Business Partner(and full time crazy Software Developer), Jeremy RushWe've been busy creating simple systems to help teach people just like YOU to become successful Online.
The combination of Jeremy's remarkable flare for creating software tools - and my"Down and Dirty" methods to exploit the crazy cash advantages it's given us - has produced results similar to those you can see below.
Darren Barton
Jeremy Rush
And Today It's Your Turn To Profit From This Amazing Software
And it get's even better....
You DO NOT need to be an expert on anything.
You just follow the simple steps we've laid out for you in setting up your Software System.
It's so NEWBIE FRIENDLY, there is literally a little video showing you every Tiny Step you need to take... we even show you how to complete your profile section !!
We've thought of everything.. So you don't have to
We're going to show you how you can start "Turning Other Peoples Hard Work Into $1,000's In The Bank".
You'll have access to our "Set n Forget Software" - that will put your Cash Collecting onto Auto-Pilot.
We've stress tested everything in secret with seasoned marketing veterans to the newest of newbies... and all can see the massive results !!
All Very Interesting.... BUT What Does Social Sniper Actually Do ?


OLD SCHOOL SOFTWARE - creates a dribble
 It just let's you send just 1 VERY DULL message at a time to your Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, etc.... friends, contacts or wall. And YOU have to be sat at your computer to do it !!
  • Send up to 48 messages per Social Site per Day to your Subscribers, Groups, Communities or more....
  • Send messages to ALL of your connected Social Network Sites
  • Send Everything to Everyone ALL at the same time
  • Include Redirectable links to ALL of your profitable offers
  • Include powerful Video's in ALL of your messages
  • Include eye catching images in ALL of your messages
  • Works for you even when your computer is switch off and you're sleeping.
But Wait... Theres Even More Terrific Marketing Tools....
OLD SCHOOL SOFTWARE - Additional costs
  • Lose all of your leads to the Owners of the products YOU sold
  • Or become an HTML savvy Marketer and build your own websites
  • Or become a flexible WordPress master with plugins & widgets
  • Or pay for your own Domain and Hosting packages 
  • Or pay a lot of money for a Lead Capture Page company
  • Or pay a lot of money for a List and Auto-Responder company
  • Or just "Give Up & Go Home" !!
  • Built in Lead Capture System
  • Lead management system
  • Vast selection of "Done For You" lead capture and squeeze pages 
  • Series of professionally written follow up email sequences 
  • Comprehensive "Over My Shoulder" set up training video's
  • Additional Social Marketing Video Tutorials
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Specifically created to exploit the growing features & future developments of the SOCIAL SNIPER and other software products produced by Our in-house Development Team.
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Darren Barton & Jeremy Rush.